Awesome Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Spaceships and Laser Beams

17 of the Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cakes Ever Created

Tiered grass and dirt block Minecraft cake with TNT block and sign (with happy birthday message) on top, and logo on the side. By The Butter End Cakery.

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12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes

12 amazing Minecraft birthday cakes, perfect for a boy birthday! My brother loves minecraft so this will be cool!

Diamond Ore Cube Minecraft Cake - by SugarSweet @ - cake decorating website

Diamond Ore Minecraft Cake Minecraft cake for my son's birthday. He asked for the Diamond Ore Cube with Diamond Pick Axe. Boy was.

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The past week I have been busy doing cake work for my husband's birthday cake. I am happy to show this year's cake, which is.

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White chocolate mud coloured in green and brown layers, covered with about 500 little squares, fun! Thanks to Sweet Disposition Cakes for the design.