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Over-protective Percy! I bet Annabeth does the same when girls look at Percy. I Am shure that girls who look Percy, would not see anybody else in white than Will

I would take Percy. He could swim us out. But Percy didn't even answer :(

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percy would cry, and beg annabeth to take her back, because it would be annabeth that broke up with percy, because annabeth would beat percy to shreds if he broke up with her>>>> No percabeth forever!


Go Annabeth.totally what I would do if I knew someone with an Achilles Heel :P --> only the percy jackson readers will understand what you've just said

Awe another moment of Percy being the cutest boyfriend ever <3 btw most of these head canons are from @_percy_posts_ on insta so creds to that account

Percy just knew exactly what Drew had said and exaclty what to say to make Annabeth feel better. No no I really ship percabeth

Instagram photo by @ask_the_7 (ask_the_7) | Statigram

Annabeth would smack them all upside the heads if they didn't go to school.<<< i mean, isn't CHB kinda like school for demigods?

ask_the_7 << ohh Annabeth lets see Annasass no Sassabeth yeh thatone XD

<< ohh Annabeth lets see Annasass no Sassabeth yeh thatone XD<<<< Percy Would totally beat Jason in a fight