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Everyone Is Arguing

Though everyone loves a pleasant surprise every now and then, we’ve all had those moments where instead, the unexpected chooses to arrive with the grace of a freigh.

Dopo un duro lavoro un riposino

Interior Decorator Kitteh has completed the project to his satisfaction. ~~ I have a professional wrecking crew that comes in & tears up ANY box in just hours! Don't leave a box unattended!


Lemon isn’t sup­posed to be behind the blinds, but she can’t help her­self if she sees birds.

These are all the cats I want to stuff my house with. Crazy cat lady status, here I come. cats-cats-cats-cats-kittens-of-course

It's a catstache

You're In For A Big Surprise When You Find Out What's Going On In These 37 Photos

petit chaton mignon

tehehe This is too cute. Kitten in the kitchen. I dont know what the fuck im doing in there so I just sit in bowls and stuff. ) so tiny wish i could have a kitten

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I love how the cats in the tub like "Just chillin. it the tub. oh no. someone ripped up the toliet paper. I'm in the tub!

Baby, you don't have to worry about thing being the same or not, I will always love you, I will always take care of you. I'd hope that if maybe it's me and not you who ends up handicapped, you would do the same for me. I love you way too much. ❤️

My face when I play hide and seek with Gene . "He will never think to look in a suitcase!