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Summer time & bare feet  ;-)  #tattoo #body_art #anklet #mytumblr

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I've been seeing arrows everywhere lately, two crossed on a shirt, a golden one on a necklace of a woman I bumped into, two on a journal I decided to buy when my mom pointed it out (because of the silver edged pages), a pattern on a key, I’m starting to feel like the universe is talking to me and maybe it cares about me, I usually don’t have faith or belief in anyone or anything but this has happened before and it’s an odd comfort whenever I notice it.

wow this is soo cool, ive never thought about it like that. maybe ill get an arrow tattoo now cuz this sounds like the story of my life lol

Ink is art

Don't want this tattooed love the words. Powerful quote of Ernest Hemingway tattooed by InverInks. (One of Finn's tattoos)

Tattoos that create continuity in different areas... awesome.

So pretty! Good choice and nice placement! "I had my antique floral engraving added onto this month. The design was found and rearranged by my self and completed in ink by Jesse at Good Life Tattoos in Akron, Ohio"

the only baby tattoo I've ever seen that I actually like. I still wouldn't get it though.. @fiance9

30+ Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos

There is no feeling that parallels the exhilaration of bringing a new life into this world. Proud parents adopt various ways of making this moment a memorable one including getting a tattoo. Baby footprint tattoo is a perfect design to honor a baby.