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The Shining Polish movie poster by Leszek Zebrowski

The Boss of it All, Von Trier, Polish Theater Poster

Polish poster designers in London

Andrzej Pagowski - Polish Poster Art http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrzej_Pagowski

Cult Polish Poster for Someone to Watch Over Me

Raging Bull, Scorsese, Polish Poster - Zebrowski

Raging Bull by Scorsese Polish movie poster

Polish poster for OPHÉLIA (Claude Chabrol, France, 1963) Artist: Witold Janowsk.

movieposteroftheday: “ 1964 Polish poster for OPHÉLIA (Claude Chabrol, France, Artist: Witold Janowski Poster source: Heritage Auctions ”

Polskie plakaty filmowe - Sadistic.pl

Polish terminator 1984 art by Jakub Erol.

Ryszard Kaja

Ryszard Kaja

The Muppet Movie

Waldemar Swierzy, one of the most dynamic Polish movie poster designers of the Century, tackled some of Hollywood’s greatest and movies (and American Jazz artists) with his striking, abstract “only in Polish” designs.

Les affiches réinventées : le retour ! - Page 9 - Dossiers Cinéma - AlloCiné

Les affiches réinventées : le retour !

Polish film poster for 'The Other Boleyn Girl' - Justin Chadwick dir.


Taxi driver (Martin Scorsese, by Daniel Norris Properly one of the best and coolest posters iv ever seen incredible

Above: a Czech poster by Jan Kratochvil.

Movie Poster of the Week: Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Andrei Rublev” on Notebook

Japanese Monster Movies, Polish Poster

Ryszard Kaja advertisement for a Japanese monster movie

Blade Runner (1982) [1000 x 1414]

Best Film Posters : Interesting poster by Chamo San

Two Gentelmen Traveling, Polish Poster

Ryszard Kaja, Two Gentlemen Traveling, Polish Poster

Andrzej Krajewski - Alphaville, 1967 r.

ALPHAVILLE movie poster France, Director Jean Luc Godard, starring Eddie Constantine, Anna Karina and Akim Tamiroff.

Godzilla kontra Gigan / Gojira tai Gaigan

Polish GODZILLA Posters 1977 Romuald Socha - Godzilla on Monster Island - Godzilla kontra Gigan