Mane Six Swords - Final by ChocoChaoFun on DeviantArt >> poor spike doesn't get one, yet again he'd probably do what he does every time he gets a bit of power

Mane six does by on @DeviantArt

One idea I wanted make long time ago. Deerfication of main ponies. And their kinds fits same kinds of deers in my concept. The kinds of deers from my concept are presented here: Referense sheet of .

DONT WATCH ME FOR PONY ART I DONT DRAW PONIES ANYMORE get it ? Manly > manEly shut up , it took me 20 minutes to come up with a title

Manely Six: Dusk Shine, Elusive, Rainbow Blitz, Butterscotch, Bubble Berry & (the most creative name of all) Applejack.

How the Mane 6 fights Changelings.

How the Mane 6 fights Changelings. Does this look like the face of mercy? my little pony f