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Creepypasta Family- I think I can name them! Slender, Ticci Toby Laughing Jack,Masky,Ben Drowned Jeff the Killer, and Eyless Jack!

Hi Jeff lol

Jeff: Open your goddamn window so i can rip you to shreds. *gets under covers and goes to sleep* Jeff:.*struggles to open locked window* God dammit. *leaves window and goes to neighbor's house*

from the story Imágenes kulz de creepypastas© by -InsxneTriforce- (♡Drowned♡) with reads.

Laughing Jack this is sooo cool it looks like an anime show. other poeple my think this is creepy but SO WHAT

Laughing Jack's backstory is insanely gruesome like many other Creepypasta backstories, and fangirls STILL love them.

Homicidal Liu  I haven't read his story yt but this looks awesome.

Homicidal Liu

Read Homicidal Liu from the story Creepypasta stories by IAmFandomTrash (kyley) with reads. Liu Woods was a good boy.

Jeff - Ben - Liu // Jeff the Killer - Ben Drowned - Homicidal Liu // before and after

Jeff & Liu

A scarf that unites us~/Liu and jeff the killer by RukiaAngle