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seventeen reaction | Tumblr

seventeen reaction | Tumblr

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Woozi is too pure ❤️❤️

say the name, seventeen

Maximum or Max has had a hard life one might say, but always keeps high hopes. She started to lose those hopes quickly, until she got adopted by 13 idols.


Just to make your day, we've collected the K-Pop Idol boys who smile adorably with their cave mouth smiles! We start with the main mascot when it comes to cave mouth smiles: G-Dragon!

seventeen reaction | Tumblr

This is such a cute gif of Vernon ♡ he looks so much like Leonardo DiCaprio tho

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Of course

I am sad I did not spot my little strawberry cupcake while I was roaming the streets of NYC that day!

seventeen | Tumblr

idk who this guy is but hes all over my feed and got my attention

#Woozi #Jihoon #MANSAE

Mini Album Week 01 (I honestly thought it was just another pin of Suga from BTS xD)