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inserted a gene for a rhesus macaque restriction factor known to block cell infection by FIV, as well as a jellyfish gene for tracking purposes. The latter makes the offspring cats glow green

MegaRecopilacion Wallpapers 1366x768 - Taringa!

MegaRecopilacion Wallpapers 1366x768

Blue-eyed kitten wallpaper the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Mr Cat

Important Cat Shit. If you smelled my kittens cat shit you'd know its important!

Essa coisinha fofa ficou verde após dormir em uma garagem com tinta Gato Verde da Bulgária 4 580x760

Essa coisinha fofa ficou verde após dormir em uma garagem com tinta

Locals in Varna, Bulgaria, assumed this cat was the victim of a cruel prank by vandals. But it has now been revealed that the cat has developed a green hue because it usually sleeps on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage.

Venus is a chimera or mosaic cat. Either way she has at least two populations of genetically distinct cells. I <3 genetics!!!!

This is Venus, a three year old chimera cat. Chimera cat is one individual organism, but genetically its own fraternal twin. A chimera is typically formed from four parent cells (either two fertilized eggs, or two early embryos that have fused together).

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

I love this beautiful black cat. He's adorable and sweet, while at the same time being beautiful and mysterious. I love cats, but black cats are the best!

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Художественное фото маленькой девочки и кошки (38 фото)

An economist and photography enthusiast Andy Prokh takes adorable black and white photos of his daughter Katherine and her best friend – a British Shorthair cat, named LiLu Blue Royal Lada.

​While many genetic mutations are harmless, ethical concerns arise when animals are bred for painful or debilitating traits.

The ethics of cuteness: A closer look at 12 trendy cat mutations

Scottish folds: These cute owl-like felines are known for their folded lop ears, which are the result of a mutation that affects cartilage and bone development.