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.... y yo soy el Huefano ..... y me molesta que no me dejen dormir !! ..... Oky

~~Enough with the pictures, Lady, I’m trying to sleep ~ grey squirrel by

“Sometimes you’re just so tired that even a broken bird box will do for a quick nap.


It's a bird, it's a plane, NOpe it's a super squirrel :)

▶ how long - sharzy - YouTube

sweet track from sharzy

BB écureuil et sa maman !

Mama Squirrel & Her Newborn Baby.omg so cute, makes me love squirrels that much more!

Green Cheek Conure - Looks almost identical to mine.  The coloring is always different, but that look is priceless.

Lost Tuesday December Conure Parrot / Bird in Lincoln, Lincoln District, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Please God give me some nuts. ... And ... stretch

Early morning, in the walk through red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) enclosure, at the British Wildlife Centre. The arrival of visitors ensures that the squirrels get a good workout; here, the squirrel stretches towards an unseen.

He's so close to our UNT albino squirels ...which they say bring good luck.

Brevard white squirrels - Photo taken on the grounds of Brevard College, Brevard North Carolina - ANIMALS

don't eat too much candy this Halloween!

Put seeds in a pumpkin for the birds in Autumn, the squirrel finds them first!

Squirrel just hanging out in a yard.

Chilling Treat for Dogs to Eat . Ingredients: cup Cold Water, 1 Boiled Egg w/ Shell, 6 oz.