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Beth Nicholas art

Beth Nicholas art - inspiration for wall art behind sofa, if we do the sofa wall, we won't do the tv wall or vice versa.

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The ethereal abstract paintings of Emma Lindström - Artists Inspire Artists

Painting is very aesthetic and relaxing. If you find time out of your day to paint, it is a good stress reliever.

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do small flow and encaustics on tiles or canvases, photograph parts that are pretty, blow up those parts and make prints.

Living Room Painting Art Paintings Acrylic by LDawningScott

Living Room Painting Art Paintings Acrylic Paintings XL / Extra LARGE Wall Art… -- i love how textured and wave-like the painting is.

clean and colorful

Field Trip

start with special paper for charcoal soft and hard pencil, dry and oil pastels, marker pointer, pencils. Move to acrylic can be used with water. Water color and water color pencils. Oil paints and knife and finger techniques.