Old art as a comparison because I have no time to art Feb for full version) -


Powerpuff Girls by sakimichan PPG by Leanza Garcia Power Puff Villains by Jublin Fighting Crime Before Bedtime by Omar and Hedwin . View "The Best Powerpuff Girls Fan Art Ever" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane from 'Daria' series She's brilliant! And series brilliant, OMG, my f*ckin' ideal of schoolmate.they reminds me of me.

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MY BAE WHAT TEAM ........................

punziella: “ ““I’m looking at you, and my heart loves the view” ” 10 year old me is either very proud or embarrass of present me for not getting over these characters.

Reminds me of something from the Disney's Alice in Wonderland.   The Art Of Animation, Camille André

Reminds me of the flowers dancing upside down on the water in Fantasia. Their petals looked like skirts! The Art Of Animation, Camille André

Pose Meme Body

Pose Meme Body

1508 — induction at M&S. Took me two hours to be rude to someone. it was some random 20 year old who helped me unscramble my head.

Everything is a jumbled mess at the moment, annoyingly. For a few brief days my mind allowed itself to actually think logically, (of course it was still freaking out, but I was managing to get stuf…