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This palette embodies tenderness of spring, youth and femininity. Pistachio, misty green and blue-gray look very discreet, and lavender and Japanese pink. he complementary color of spring green is rose.

Interesting color chart! free pdf at http://blog.paper-source.com/ps/whats-your-colorscope/

A lighthearted Colorscope from Paper Source. It shows their standard colors and how "those colors reflect your personality." Check out your favorite color and see if it accurately describes you.

color of a bog, color of an asparagus, color of green leaves, color

I ❤ cool colors . color palette No If you want lilac or violet colors to look brighter & be more accentuated, use saturated shades of green with them.

Color Crush 2.6.2014  #colorpalette

Color Crush 2.6.2014

thought this was a pretty color combo.not sure if they are true paint colors, no names or numbers, but something to go with.

The color palette №1494 Bright, but not aggressively distracting gamma connects with one hand Prussian blue and sky blue, the other - olive and pear, and between them - a border of pale turquoise.

Bright, but not aggressively distracting gamma connects Prussian blue and sky blue with olive and pear, and between them - a boundary pale turquoise.

voor meer inspiratie op het gebied van interieur www.stylingentrends.nl

COLORS INSPIRATION ---- This color combination will appeal to the fans of pastel tones. This palette should be applied in decoration of a bedroom, as well as will do for girls wit.