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Clark Little, el surfista que fotografía las olas

One of my Favorite photographers, Clark Little. He has a way to show the power and beauty of the ocean.


Perfect Wave No denying your greatness today set out strong and purposeful dwell in the beauty of your focus felling good will attract the same ease into moments and enjoy ~Gigi Galluzzo


Gorgeous wave - Focus On the Positive: The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation.


Las mejores imagenes de Natgeo.

Wave fanning out into mermaid tale shape in video). Surf Photographer Clark Little Takes Amazing Photos of Crashing Waves.

Purple Forest

Pictures of jacanda trees with purple flowers lining Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena. These trees bloom each late spring/early summer and create a beautiful landscape.

Polo Pixel: Makalawena Beach, Kailua Kona Hawaii United States

waves - Photographers CJ Kale and Nick Selway are artists who seek out great adventure.Based in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

water and sand

Why Oregon Banned Offshore Drilling Weeks Before Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. An historical hub about the BP spill FIVE YEA

Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii Standing in knee deep water as this wave heaves up and over. It is so shallow, the sand is getting sucked into the wave. The sun is directly overhead at noon, which lights up the sand within the wave.

Crystal waves | More inspiration on www.bella-passione.tumblr.com

Perfect Wave Join up with God through the expressions you see and feel. Commune with forces seen through the sea, clouds, trees, birds and animals within the very natural setting that they were once placed.

Star fish!

Even the ocean has "shooting stars", the calmness of the ocean floor is beautiful

ITs just a sea wave, yeah but its just amazing!: Catch a wave Amazing World

Beautiful breaking waves, photo by Clark Little                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

from Milky way scientists "Raw hawaiian shorebreak power." Image Credit : Clark Little Photography

~^~~ swim ~~^~

underwater photography shot with blue ocean sea water broken by sunlight at the surface of the beach wave