aro/ace jokes.

K but what about the Pansexual are we like the forgotten house that nobody knows or are we with the bisexuals in ravenclaw? I mean I actually am a Gryffindor but I'm not straight in the slightest. so idk<<<ANOTHER GRYFFINDOR PANSEXUAL OMG.

this is seriously the best pin I have ever pinned. @Karolyn Bolay @Megan McCool @Lori Hendrix @Lana Steverson

haha, that moment a cute guy walks past and you're like "please come back.I love you" This is my life

Yesssss indeed

Shelby is currently single, and she's not really looking to mingle. One of her fears is being rejected in a relationship.


It is called "Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts." Please stay away dysfunctional Valentine Hearts from me. I only want healthy, fun, adventure, sweet and romantic Valentine Hearts.

For real though

Haha so true. that is soooo funny.but maybe just maybe the girl had already fallen out of love with the boy and was really kinda glad it happened. Thank you slut.

sad break up quotes for her - Google Search

Harsh, but so so true. You don't need a immature douche, you need a real man who is mature and really loves you for you. Someone who won't play games, and is actually committed. A man who won't lie, and tells nothing but the truth.

No need to flirt...

I Don't Need To Flirt I Will Seduce You With My awkwardness. I seriously need to learn how to flirt haha

Not entirely true. I sleep across, when my dog allows it.

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The end

Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened. I love this Trish.


I'm not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example. I’m not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example.