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Basin, toilet behind the side wall


I love black accents in the bathroom, so it's great to see a growing trend in this area. When I designed ours I looked into black tapware w.

плитка "соты" в интерьере ванной комнаты

Multi-coloured hexagonal tiles - one of our favourite new bathroom trends.

If you know how to paint, or if you like to look at the pictures, everything can be yours. Necessary and unnecessary everything you want.


Image 29 of 33 from gallery of PF Single Family House / Burnazzi Feltrin Architects. Photograph by Carlo Baroni


Free Your Sink: In Praise of the Freestanding Bathroom Sink

While walls and black floor - very modern and cool (PACKHUSET Apartment by Alexander White - DECOmyplace)


Image Credit: interieurarchitect Frederic Kielemoes Lovely use of drywall detailing to frame a hung mirror and provide recessed lighting, ambient lighting proves to be a much more interesting way to illuminate surfaces.