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Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone. A cute little clownfish seeking solace in its cosy Bubble-Tipped Anemone shelter.

almost there.

" by Jim Wu. A great reflection shot of a White-bellied Sea Eagle about to break the water's surface. This species is indigenous to southeast Asian and Australia.

Love these guys. So fun to paint!

Limited Edition: Hugh Hefner Special Tribute Issue

Octopus Eye - However underwater light has a polarized component which some octopuses can detect. When this light travels through the body of a transparent animal its polarization will be changed and the octopus can see that and capture the prey.

Bubble+Eyes+ou+Uranoscope.jpg (478×535)

This is a Bubble Eyed Goldfish, a small variety of the common Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus). Edit: Sincere gratitude to for suggestion it as a DD.

Handfish relative to the angler fish walks!

Hand Fish (Brachionichthys politus) Tasmania - a cousin to the angler fish, they 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor.

Translucent Goby Fish. Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam, Egypt. More wonderful underwater photos

25 Spectacular Underwater Images

Translucent Goby Fish, Egypt Photo – Tobias Friedrich Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the water near Marsa Alam, Egypt