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After everything I've been through I am still smiling--not because I'm strong, but because I'm fucking crazy. Now that should scare you.

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it will stay shut. i am no one's option.

Inspirational Quotes: When one door closes, sometimes you want to get a hammer and nails to make sure that bitch stays shut. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When one door closes, sometimes.

LOL rough sex is always fun hahaha.out of all the things that pop up this one made me laugh the hardest so unexpected ahahaa.

I hug people I hate

I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard. it's true though

Scary movies

I love how in scary movies the person yells out 'Hello?' As if the killers going to be like 'yeah i'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?

This is me. I've given so many people so many chances. But once I'm done. I'm done. I don't care if we said we've made up. Or that you're not mad at me anymore. Once I've decided I'm done.I'm done.

this seriously just made me laugh out loud.  which i really needed.

Funny Quote: Eveything Happens For A Reason, But Sometimes The Reason Is That You’re Stupid And You Make Bad Decision - Funny Quotes


Fuck you. Fuck everything you believe. Fuck all the things you left behind. Fuck your stupid ideas. Fuck your new chapter. Fuck you.