Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell

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One More Day of School and Then - Country Gentleman June 14, 1919

One More Week of School And Then, the Norman Rockwell Country Gentleman cover from June 1919


Norman Rockwell's classic painting depicting an American family celebrating Thanksgiving shows a fundamental part of the American dream.a happy family.

One of my favorite Rockwells. Spring Flowers by Norman Rockwell

A rare "still life," Norman Rockwell's Spring Flowers was originally a 1969 illustration for McCall’s. The artist was commissioned to paint a series of pictures of seasonal flowers, but he only completed the first.

Stylish home: Dressing tables - Luscious:

Stylish home: Dressing tables

Writing in diary

Diary - Norman Rockwell [My first diary and best Christmas present I ever got was a Norman Rockwell diary. This picture was on the cover. It had virtually all of Rockwell& girl-centered art throughout, threaded by a beautiful poem.