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Romanov Quadricentenary Egg The theme of the Egg is the quadricentenary of the House of Romanov, which had been founded by Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov in

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Red Rose Egg by Theo Faberge. Theo Fabergé was the grandson of Peter Carl…

Fa erge Easter Egg

Fabergé Easter Egg Silver, engraved and partially gilded with blue guilloché enamel, oval cabochon rubies, round and oval cabochon tourmalines, and rose cut diamonds; with nephrite jade pedestal. Egg topped by an Imperial double-headed Romanov eagle.

1906 Moscow Kremlin Fabergé Egg

(known as both) The Moscow Kremlin Egg or The Uspenski Cathedral Egg - Presented to Alexandra by her husband, Nicholas Il. Currently in the Kremlin Armoury Museum in Moscow.

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1903 Royal Danish Faberge Egg 8.4"

Faberge Egg with turtles

Fabergé Egg with turtles pedant turtle inside trinket box by Keren Kopal Swarovski Crystal - FAKE crude work - NOT an Imperial egg!

Faberge Egg 1910 - "Colonnade Egg" Currently owned by Queen Elizabeth II in England. A gift at the birth of the heir Alexei.

The Colonnade Egg Henrik Emanuel Wigström for Fabergé, 1910 The Royal Collection “This Imperial Easter Egg – which incorporates a rotary clock in its design, the movement supplied to Fabergé by Henry Moser & Cie – is in the form of a classical temple


Faberge Firebird Sterling Silver & Enamel Egg - Beautiful piece of work by the House of Carl Igor Faberge ~ Constructed of sterling silver and plated with yellow gold, inside surprise depicts a Firebird or Phoenix

Faberge Egg 1899 - "Madonna Lily Clock Egg" Nicholas II gift to his wife. Currently in Russia.

The Bouquet of Lilies Clock Egg (or the Madonna Lily Egg) is a jewelled Easter egg made under the supervision of the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in for Tsar Nicholas II as an Easter gift to his wife, the Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna.

Imperial Czarevitch Easter Egg, 1912  lapis lazuli, gold, diamonds.  Frame: diamonds, gold, platinum or silver, lapis lazuli, watercolor, ivory. Presented by Nicholas II to Alexandra, Easter 1912, in the Empress's Mauve Room at the Alexander Palace.

The Tsarevich Egg, presented to Empress Alexandra to commemorate Tsarevich Alexei’s recovery from his nearly fatal hemophilia attack in 1912