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Carro de transporte de heridos tirado por perros

Carro de transporte de heridos tirado por perros

Wounded soldier of Soviet Ukrainian Front being transported by a dog sled, Jun 1944

A sled doggie named “Mukluk” is being trained to carry machine guns in case of a Japanese invasion of Alaska, World War II.

A sled doggie named “Mukluk” is being trained to carry machine guns in case of a Japanese invasion of Alaska, World War II. It's a War Dog

footos colr segunda guerra

Increibles Fotos Color 2º Guerra Mundial

The giant moa, a flightless bird that stood up to ten feet tall, was hunted to extinction (second half of the 14th century AD) endemic to New Zealand, over-hunted by Maori they became extinct

The first colonial period is also known as the Moa Hunter period. This large flightless bird was hunted to extinction within 100 years

Perros de guerra alemanes', foto de autor desconocido de un soldado alemán y un perro con máscaras de gas. La I Guerra Mundial fue el primer conflicto bélico en el que se utilizaron gases venenosos. La imagen pertenece a los archivos del Harry Ransom Center, que alberga la exposición 'The World at War, 1914–1918' ('El mundo en guerra, 1914-1918') con motivo del centenario de la Gran Guerra (Unknown photographer - Image courtesy of Harry Ransom Center)

'German War Dogs', from the New York Journal-American - La I Guerra Mundial en cartas, diarios, fotos, carteles.

¿no es en verdad tierno así como hermoso?

A soldier of the US Seventh Marines carrying a little puppy in his pocket after rescuing it during an operation southwest of Da Nang in Vietnam, January 1968 (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

A man and his dog at work.

Kicks the dog learns to stay calm under fire. Germans made frequent use of German shepherds as patrol and guard dogs., however, the breed was re-christened as Alsatians.

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German soldiers executing civilians after the invasion of Poland After the invasion of Poland (September the German regular army murdered hundreds of innocent Polish civilians in horrific executions.

Perros de guerra

A soldier and his dog. One of the most ancient battlefield relationships. These dogs were also trained to go under tanks strapped with high explosives.

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ClassicPics ‏ Elephants Loading Supplies in Planes during Second World War in India - Us Army Photograph, 1940

Germans surrendering to Soviet troops

Not strong enough to resist the attacks of the Soviet army, the SS troops eventually surrendered. Corpses of their comrads (SS), killed in battle, strewn everywhere!

Stalingrad 1943

Russian sappers clear road of German mines. Note that their only detector is a long stick with a sharp end used to poke the earth. When Chris was in Afghanistan they used the same sticks.

In Berlin.

End of the war in Berlin 1945 - Soviet soldiers ensure the communication link as fights on Frankfurter Allee are ongoing during the advance of the Red Army in the streets of Berlin, April Photo: Berliner Verlag / Archive - NO WIRE SERVICE

French war dog 1915

A dog trained to search for wounded soldiers while under fire, (Bibliotheue nationale de France) World War I in Photos: Animals at War - The Atlantic