Lovely Vintage Atlas Mason Jars w/ zinc lids...I have some of these...They are wonderful with different collections in them... Vintage Bits and Pieces of Lace, Vintage Thread, Vintage Christmas Light Blubs, Flower Seeds, just to name a few <3

Vintage Atlas Mason Jars/Zinc Lids/Shabby Chic Decor/Canning/Vases - love the soft pink with the dull grey zinc.

Vintage, shabby chic flower arrangement, shabby chic furniture, cottage decor , galvanised rusty bucket creates a .piece of art.

Old Mason jars | Rustic Farmhouse:

Rustic Farmhouse: My Wall Cupboard finally up for Mothers Day!~~ love the different jars! Would like to do this with my pantry. vintage, rustic, and blue. also in purple and mint :) I really like that bottom left hand jar too!

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081914 crabapples (Malus) ~ WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Getting in the mood for Winter

Spring Flora von MandyLynneDesign auf Etsy, $25.00

Love this idea! Cover vintage books in seasonal scrap paper! Spring Flora by MandyLynneDesign on Etsy,

Asparagus around coffee can (or some can) held w/rubber band and tie ribbon around to hide rubber band, add flowers!

Artful Asparagus

Karin Lidbeck: May 2010 Wrap a runner band around a coffee size can . Cut asparagus stalk to to taller than the can. Place the stalks side by side standing staight up inside the rubber band. Tie with a ribbon to hide the rubber band.