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Amor, sexo y ausencia. Ilustraciones íntimas de Sara Herranz

love, art, and illustration image

Infographic, All Alone, Stuff Stuff, Infographics, Information Design

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he made me feel butterflies. but not in my stomach. just a few centimetres below.

sara herranz - Buscar con Google

sara herranz - Buscar con Google

Oh my word this picture is so true and heart breaking

This one is deep.

Miłość to lek na wszystko

Imagen de outline, drawing, and tumblr

Imagem de drawing, outline, and draw

l compromiso es cosa del pasado y siguiendo el modelo que nos venden los programas de televisión, nos dejamos llevar por lo inmediato. Por la recompensa de conocer amores fugaces y nunca la responsabilidad de un gran amor.

15 Illustrations That Uncover All The Sickness Of This World!

yehudadevir | BLOG

yehudadevir | BLOG

Sara Herranz

Sara Herranz

Holding you that close made me complete :)

Holding you that close made me complete :)

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I've been dancing with devil / aesthetic /

Conan Gray's Observatory

Steps To An Extraordinary Life

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fuck it - pinto el bajón