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Check out Backwarn Glances as we look at a perfectly restored 1956 Dodge Power Wagon. See this awesome Dodge pickup in this month's issue of Four Wheeler Magazine!


The Daily Deluxe :: 10 February 2013

Legacy Power Trucks is a company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They produce some serious conversions like this awesome Legacy Power Wagon, a completely modernized version of the Dodge Power Wagon. The mean American truck is like a Dodge Power Wagon

shitkicker-deluxe:      …How’d he fit his balls inside the cab?…    (Source: truquetructruk)

Mack Log Truck with concave wheels to ride on log roads . and after all the trees were gone, they came for the coal.

Dodge Power Wagon brush truck, North Brookfield, MA Cape Cod Brush Breakers 4

Dodge Power Wagon brush truck, North Brookfield, MA Cape Cod Brush Breakers 4

Custom Truck Bodies | Custom Truck Body - JOMAC Ltd.

Customize Your Aluminum Truck Bodies

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Pickup trucks on display at the Ford exhibit during the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Throwback for the classic Power Wagon

Introduced in the Dodge Power Wagon was a response to G.'s requests for the creation of military-style trucks available to civilians. Check out this unique off-road vehicle in this week's Vintage Monday!

Restoring '48 Dodge Power Wagon fulfills wish via @USATODAY

A workhorse pickup of the and is now Austin Potter’s dream ride.

Интересная эстакада — Сообщество «Гаражные дела» на DRIVE2

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MP-X Seat Back MOLLE Panel

MP-X Seat Back MOLLE Panel-This is for the MPX MOLLE Panel ONLYAlmost infinitely adjustable and therefore truly universalFunction in both a horizontal and a vertical planeMultitasking capabilities….while the MP-X is designed for vehicles, it will be