Population density comparison for selected cities, by LSECities #map #cities #urban

Look up a city’s urban density on Wikipedia, and you know you're only getting a small slice of the story. There’s no way exactly people live in ev

8 more ways of visualising London's growth: a question of density | CityMetric

Infographic: why London isn’t as overcrowded as you think – Now.

Density measure - LSE Cities

A tale of four world cities – London, Delhi, Tokyo and Bogotá compared

urbangeographies: “COMPARATIVE URBANIZATION – London, Delhi, Tokyo and Bogotá Comparative urbanization analyzes how different cities change in response to economic, political, environmental and other.

How 1925 saw 1950 - "Future city streets will be in four levels"

How 1925 Saw 1950

An exceptionally organized view of the future. All part of an architect's vision of the future city in 25 years - back then! Published in Popular Science magazine monthly issue of August 1925 and entitled "How you may live and travel in the city of

Observatoire du Graphisme Contemporain

theinspirationshuffle: “ Visual Identity for the 2015 National Historical Centres Day. Check this portuguese studio with an amazing talent! Another Collective ”

Detroit Future City: an example of creative land use

Why We Need To Rethink Where We Build New Houses

Different types of neighborhoods - Detroit Future City emphatically states that all neighborhoods in Detroit will have a future, just not the same future. Here are some of the possibilities.

AV62 Arquitectos | Urban Planning | Project to Revive and develop the area of Adhamyia in Baghdad, Iraq

AV62 Arquitectos | Urban Planning | Project to Revive and develop the area of Adhamyia in Baghdad, Iraq

metro map made of string

Metro Map created from Colored Strings

A London Underground map out of wool or string would be fun but could do tube or subway map of any city!String Map by Dan Coffey

Mapping every building in Brooklyn #map #information #design

Every Building In Brooklyn, Mapped Out By Age

Data visualization infographic & Chart Visual Explanations, Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative", by Edw. Infographic Description Visual E

Reaching for the sky: Hong Kong's changing harbour front

Hong Kong’s skyline front changes along years. Infographic for South China Morning Post.