Artist Transforms Books into Exciting Sculptural Stories

paper book sculpture art jodi harvey brown 4 BookSculptures When Books Really Come to life. On the one hand I find this fascinating on the other I want to use to smack the person that desecrated books like this. I'm conflicted!

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The old man fights the marlin in the middle of the sea. There is a WIP close up of the fisherman if you'd like a closer look. The Old Man and the Sea Book Sculpture

Bits of art found around the interweb (30 photos)

Bits of art found around the interweb (30 photos)

Artist Mike Stilkey is painting artistic images on the spines of stacked books. His art is called “book sculptures”. Stilkey uses acrylics and colored penc

Su elección de florero, cada uno de un libro vintage!    Quién diría reciclaje podría ser genial

Book Vase for your Book Case by katemariescreations on Etsy Book art

Origami dragon

"Rose the Dragon" book sculpture (artist: Jodi Harvey-Brown) - while I lOVE the art, I cringe at any book used this way.