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Buncheong platter – Lee Kang-hyo

Gifted South Korean potter Lee Kang-hyo gives a masterful demonstration on video of creating large scale Onggi pots. He creates traditional Buncheong vessels

Korean Ceramic Arts traditional meet contemporary

Korean artist, Lee Kang Hyo creates masterful works combining ancient traditions with earthly red and white clay


It is always refreshing to see the contemporary Korean ceramic artists revitalizing their traditional styles into new interpretations that look contemporary while remaining respectful to their rich heritage in ceramics.

Kang Hyo Lee, 'Wind,' 2012, Um Gallery

Kang Hyo Lee, 'Wind,' 2012, Um Gallery

Lee Kang-hyo

Lee Kang-hyo

Shoji Hamada, Bowl, white and black trailing decoration

Shoji Hamada : Bowl, ca. Green glaze with poured decoration in black and cream glaze, stoneware.