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House of Goths

Once again, another version of Kelley K. The way he looks in my imagination.

House of Goths


When You Want Gothic Jewelry, We Have The Tips You Need. Photo by shinycatcreations There is a lot more to owning gothic jewelry than being flashy and spending extravagant amounts of money.

Well, hi there. *___*

Important Story Character, Master Vampire, 800 to years old, human history known only to him, and human birth name known only to him

black long hair, pretty face, heart of gold...and we live in an ancient castle in a fairytale forest

House of Goths

<3  Those eyes haunted him, constantly. Rising quickly from his chair, Eternity stalked quietly from the room.  <3

goth gothic man men male long hair - Kinda creepy but I still like.

Tryst Kalkatus, the only male bartender at Spork, Tryst is a three hundred year old vampire. He sleeps in the basement and only works when he gets bored. As long as he doesn't eat the customers, no one really cares. He helps with the whole suggestion thing when it gets to be too much for Dar to solo.

Tryst Kalkatus, the only male bartender at Spork, Tryst is a six hundred year old vampire. (He's hot)