Transformers Classic Decepticons Cartoon Poster 24x36

Transformers Classic Decepticons Poster 24x36

An awesome poster of Megatron and the Decepticons from the classic Transformers cartoon! Our amazing selection of Transformers posters will transform y

So at Fanime, I received a lot of requests for Bumblebee from peeps when they saw my Lil Autobots illo.

Megatron  l  Transformers

looks like this cover is now online so i know that this image has already been shown off by Josh, but i just have to show it off here too. TF Ongoing issue 22 cover A

Optimus Prime - The Matrix

Optimus unleash the power of the Matrix! This is another old unused pic I did back on 2005 for an unproduced magazine. Lineart and digital colors by me. Optimus Prime - the Matrix

Soundwave by Matthew S. Armstrong - Transformers Art

Matthew Art: Transformers Decepticon Soundwave [and kitteh Ravage]