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Commission - Heading to uncle Uchiha Kagami by dannex009.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I commissioned the wonderful to draw my oc himeko uzumaki with her husband tobirama senju. Background Himeko originated from uzushiogakure,She is also a close cousin to mit.

Commission - OC Natsu and Kisame by dannex009.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Her OC Natsu and Hoshigaki Kisame on a date. It's pretty rare to see kisame in a pairing fanart. Commission - OC Natsu and Kisame

Team 7, Naruto, Fandom, Fandoms

Naruto Oc, Kakashi Hatake

Uchiha ANBU Team. Shisui with Itachi’s girl

Anbu Itachi, Shisui, and Shisui's girlfriend (from what I gather)

Commissioned by: . Her OC Uzumaki Himeko and Senju Tobirama. Commissh.. Commissh... Commissh!!... Hope you like it Guys!!  Sai Paint toolAdobe Photoshop CS6 on effectsWacom Bamboo dannex009&nb...

Commissioned by: . Her OC Uzumaki Himeko and Senju Tobirama. Hope you like it Guys! Sai Paint toolAdobe Photoshop on effectsWacom Bamboo

Commission_So funny by sbel02

Commission done for her OC himeko uzumaki with Tobirama senju and Hashirama senju hope you like ^^ thanks again Commission_So funny

Kushina and Kyuubi by bocodamondo

Kushina was the real shit, too bad she was in a sexist shit anime like naruto xD

Tatsuki Uchiha: Reminisce by Shirayuki-no-Mai on DeviantArt

First deviation on this account > u < Timeline for my Naruto OC Odoroki Jun C: Hope you like it & please comment on how I can improve her! -- Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto Jun & A.

Commission - Tobirama and Himeko by dannex009.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Commissioned by: . Her OC Uzumaki Himeko and Senju Tobirama. Commission - Tobirama and Himeko

Commissh - Тобирама х Chiyemi х Химэко от dannex009

Commissioned by: . Tobirama Senju sandwiched by OC Uzumaki Himeko and OC Uzumaki Chiemi from naruto. Uzumaki Himeko: Uzumaki Chiyemi:&n. Commissh - Tobirama x Chiyemi x Himeko

Commission - The Hokage's Proposal by dannex009

Her OC Uehara Shirahime and Hatake Kakashi. Now that things in Konohagakure have returned to a new sense of normalcy, the newly insta. Commission - The Hokage's Proposal

thank dank, me 2

♥ Naruto, Madara & Obito - Can we just appreciate that Madara insults them and then Obito basically has to translate what he just said and insults them more. These two create a new form of sass. Watch your favorite anime series online