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Another boy. He’s named Ashley, because his mom was a big Gone With The Wind fan. Oh, plus some random eyes and some practice hands from reference. art & character © julie curtis (=firstfruits)...

A tiny moment after a rough fight. art & characters © crystal curtis (=firstfruits) please do not use without permission, thanks!

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Miles and Valora by Stephanie Pepper Forsén Albatross and perez Rabbit

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"Do all you want to me you stupid brat." he laughed insanely "What are you talking about?" She asked "Don't play dumb" He smirked

had more then a couple nights like this, like that giant punk rumble in Brooklyn after the free store haha! My ex looked like 2 face from batman for about a month!

Miles and Valora by Stephanie Pepper Forsén Forsén Forsén Albatross and Lawrence Ghini perez Rabbit