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Sekhmet is depicted in so many different ways. This has a good mix of strength and light for me

Sekhmet, Alright!

Sekhment - the Eye Of Ra

Sekhmet- She Who is Powerful. The Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Healing, the Eye of Ra, Protectoress of Kings and Defender of Ma'at. Sekhmet is the Goddess of healers and Physicians.

Escultura egípcia, s.r.

Amenhotep III was the ninth Faroah of the dynasty. He ruled over an era which was the most artistic in Kmt history, and at the height of its international power. Amenhotep III ruled for 39 years and was known as the 'Magnificent'.

Sekhmet is among the most ancient of the early Egyptian deities known as the goddess of joy. She is another form of the triple goddess who presides over birth, life, and death

Sekhmet (Egyptian Goddess of the Sun, War, Destruction, Plagues and Healing) often called the Daughter of the Ra (the Egyptian Sun God)