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whoops, late valentine’s day solangelo sketch just sketched this up really quick, I was planing to do more but I didn’t have time to. I had this whole plan to make something awesome and well colored.

artsyfartsywhatnot: “Solangelo~~ ”

I like this version of Will, but I think I like the dorky, gangly version of him better. It makes him seem closer in age to Nico<<<< also Rick said will is Nicos age.

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sums up Solangelo

“ I AM READING APOLLO FINALLY! I am really love this book I think it is the best book that uncle Rick book. Not only for Apollo ( that he is amazing x”D ), but for the aim: be strong.

this part was so sweet…. everyone please be nice to nico always | art by ghostbeam

Will is getting a bit feisty! And if you haven't finished BoO yet then you have issues so deal.

Nico Di Angelo

Edit by Peggy Carter. The Solangelo fandom explode with the song "You are My Sunshine". It shows Nico with all of his sunshines(Jason, Will, Reyna and Hazel) Enjoy.

Solangelo Oneshots (Boyxboy) - HELLO GAY-SHIPPING DEMIGODS!      Enjoy these random shots of Nico and Will.    Requests are a...

Shadows (Solangelo) - My Death Boy