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When you go to parties, you beeline to the snack table and stay put. | 25 Signs Dieting Just Isn't For You

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Dejarte jugar a la consola con él (y sobre todo con sus amigos) fue su máxima expresión de amor y respeto. | 21 verdades que no puedes evitar cuando tienes un hermano mayor

funny regular show - Bing Images

Regular Show, Cartoon Network

My 11 year old daughter has our whole family hooked on the "Regular Show". "Pick up the phone Skips. We know you're home Skips. Pick up the phone Skips. We know you're home Skips.

mordecai_and_rigby_drinking_soda_by_smashgamer16-dad42mh.gif (500×279)

mordecai_and_rigby_drinking_soda_by_smashgamer16-dad42mh.gif (500×279)

Planet Chaser Ponies Are Excellent - Cheezburger

Planet Chaser Ponies Are Excellent

My Little Brony - Friendship is Magic - my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Cheezburger that's hilarious 😂

The Power - Regular Show Photo (18846491) - Fanpop

A buncha baby ducks, send 'em to the moon, also the soda machine that doesn't work, send 'em to the moon.

Regular Show; Yes, they inspire me because no matter how bad they mess something up, they always deal with it, and make it right again. <3

Regular Show! My Favorite Cartoon these days!

Pops, the Regular Show, My favorite character on my favorite cartoon.... I married a youthful man who sucked me into cartoons..haha

(rock, paper, scissors) Imagine a high pitched old man with a british accent saying this. That's basically how Pops speaks.

Lundi matin avant le sprint - Les joies du code, l'instant GIF des développeurs !

Lundi matin avant le sprint

Gifs regular show

Regular Show. A show that teaches you about life, how to live it, and my mom. OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!

Trends International Unframed Poster Prints, Regular Show

subtraction funny math cartoon

Regrouping when subtracting multi-digit numbers made fun with this math cartoon.

I'm higher than you...  | matematicascercanas                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm higher than you

This pin is a math joke. The reason i pinned this is because I love math, it's my favorite subject and one that comes easy to me. I never did have a problem with math.

Troll lvl Toph

Toph hahahah miss this show. they should not have to note that she is blind, PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT! Avatar the last airbender

Ah... The joy of science jokes. - Aaron Clifford - Google+

The joy of science jokes. Makes me think of my wonderful Science teacher RIP Mr Moore

KLANCE PICTURES - klance 58? - Wattpad

KLANCE PICTURES - klance 58?

KLANCE PICTURES - klance 58? - Wattpad

Natsu, Zero, Otonashi, L, and Light... Couldn't have agreed more... Except for My Little Pony. It's awesome :3

Cartoons vs Anime anime always wins