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When I make this lightsaber I realy enjoy it,so I share with you guys. For makeing you will need household items like battery,pvc pipe,flashlight and led .

Build your own lightsaber for under 35.00 from hardware parts

Lightsaber for $33 in 33 Minutes

Different ways to to make lightsabers. If this says " sorry we couldn't find what you are looking for" or something like that just click search and search the word lightsaber.

Maker-space - MAKE your own light saber (high tech)

Build a Lightsaber

How to Build a Lightsaber: Very cool. added to man cave because of potential for every guy who enjoyed the star wars movies!

The blade is ridiculously bright and lights up in an instant, the handle is gorgeous and beautifully constructed, I mean, everything about this lightsaber is just perfect. Even Luke Skywalker would be drooling over this. Watch it light up:

This Is Probably the Best DIY Lightsaber Ever

DIY Lightsaber by Bradley Lewis via gizmodo Because who doesn't need a fucking lightsaber?


How I Build a PVC Lightsaber

Here's how I go about building a PVC lightsaber. I get my PVC stock and parts. and PVC, male and female connector and black O-rings. I cut the main body of the hilt from PVC. I don't have a miter saw.

How to make your own lightsaber hilt...this is pretty awesome!  I'm gonna have to try this!

Note: There was no test film because of Midterms. Next week there will be a test film. ****Build Links**** Print all designs at This shou.