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space saving hangers are always a magnificent choice. Nowadays, you can find versatile hangers, so that you can perfectly organize your pants and shirts by style or color.

25 Amazing Closet Organization Hacks I hang my boots like the upper right photo.. Works fantastic

25 Brilliant Lifehacks For Your Tiny Closet

A ton of awesome closet organization ideas to make all of your closets functional and a joy to look at! Whip those closets into shape!

Closet Organization Ideas and Space Saving Hacks

Best Diy Crafts Ideas : So many awesome closet organization ideas to make your closet the most functiona

42個簡單的收納整理方法,讓你成為新一年的空間利用達人。 - boMb01

For foil, plastic wrap wax paper. 50 Genius Storage Ideas (all very cheap and easy!) Great for organizing and small houses.

dollar store bath organization | miscellaneous items not used as often as the everyday items | The Crazy Craft Lady

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - Page 10 of 30 - DIY & Crafts. You definitely need something like this under the bathroom sink! Such a waste of space, otherwise.

Wall collage

Awesome DIY Command Centers like this one! Loving the home office wall space and decorating! Home organization ideas

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Closet too small? Join the club. It's called "everybody." But good news! There are two ways to battle a too-small clothes closet: One is to get rid of some of your stuff (in that case, you'll want to check out this three-part capsule wardrobe series). The other is to get smart about storage.

How To Double Your Closet Space for $51 and One Trip to the Store


20 Kitchen DIY Ideas You Must Love

College dorm rooms are generally something that, in their most basic, truest form, tend not to be considered particularly aesthetically pleasing. At any given dormitory at an institution of higher learning (or boarding school, for that matter) you’ll probably get some combination of the following: fluorescent lighting, off-white cinderblock walls, and yellowing linoleum floors that appear to have seen their best days around the Bush Administration. (The first one, that is.)

17 Cool Things You Need To Do To Your Dorm Room In 2017

Put User Manuals in a 3 ring binder with their receipts stapled to them & date of purchase noted.

Collecting user manuals: put manuals and receipts in a sheet protector in a binder so you always have it on hand and in one spot.

Nice 89 Clever DIY Closet Design Ideas and Organization

89 Clever DIY Closet Design Ideas and Organization

Nice 89 Clever DIY Closet Design Ideas and Organization