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Makeup Withdrawal: Tutorial: Easy Sponge Gradient Just read through her tutorial, it really is easy. Definitely going to try this!

Flip/Flip February Day 9: Plastic Wrap Nail Art!...

It's Flip/Flop February Day Today's Flip/Flop is Abstract/Plastic Wrap, and I chose the flop today!


Deep navy jelly with glitter sandwich as the base and a blue Funky Fingers glitter gradient.

tropical gradient

Tropical Gradient from Makeup Withdrawal using Zoya Nail Polish in Lara and Arizona! trendy-talons-nail-art-with-zoya-nail-polish

Painted the darker color first and then used a sponge to apply the second color. This is pretty rock star. Darker color: OPI Midnight in Moscow, Lighter color: Color Club In Power Play.

Makeup Withdrawal:  Today's nails are sort of the opposite of that set- I taped off the white and sponged on the color. I guess the same effect could be created with white lines drawn on top of a gradient, but I prefer stripping tape. It produces neater, crisper lines.

Makeup Withdrawal: May 2012 Gradient nails but with a little more jazz- They have a zig-zag pattern because of the tape you put down before you sponge.