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mujer del mediterraneo: Exigencias culturales del patriarcado en occidente : Los tacones y la salud

You probably guessed it , High Heels 👠 Are Bad For You ! 😱 This xray clearly demonstrates the negative effects of wearing high heels and the impact they have on the whole body. Wear them sparingly!

So many muscles that cause migraines, arm, neck, shoulders, and back pain. Call me for an appt. Human Anatomy - Muscles back of the head and the neck.

Common association to headaches, muscle tension in neck and shoulders. I use a lot of trigger point release at the insertion and attachment points and stripping of the muscle to lengthen.

Raw Honey Boosts Immunity In A Special Way

We can now add yet another benefit of raw honey: The presence of a particular probiotic bacteria that bees harvest from the flower along with the nectar. Turns out this probiotic also boosts immunity.

Passengers given goody bags to apologise for noisy baby - Telegraph

Passengers given goody bags to apologise for noisy baby

Such a cool idea: Parents hand out goody bags to apologize in advance for baby on flight

Overweight, stressed, fatigued and can’t lose weight?

You probably already know that exercise is key for reducing depression. In his valuable book The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time, Alex Korb, Ph.

Whiplash leads to referred pain

Whiplash Leads to Referred Pain Explains Chiropractor in Freehold NJ - Hometown Family Wellness Center

view of the U of A

Bringing nature back to cities is good for plants, animals and humans

Aussie Snowboarder Torah Bright Talks Sochi, Yoga & More

Amazing Aussie Snowboarder Torah Bright Talks Sochi, Yoga & What Inspires Her!

'When it comes to using technology, teachers have a lot to learn from their digital-era students who are always up to date on the latest apps or social media applications. In the North Colonie school district, the plan this school year is take advantage of their pupils’ tech savvy by enlisting them to solve problems. Students will get a half-credit for participating in the district’s information technology program.'  District adds course on problem solving with technology:

Project-Based Learning builds on students’ competencies in order for them to be successful in the century.

14" x 8"  $200    Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilizer - The best hot towel warmer sterilizer on the market with an open front loader.

Hot Towel Cabi - Cabinet Warmer (HC-C) Holds approximately 24 manicure towels Sturdy all metal cabinet Maintains constant temp approx. 170 degrees Includes a built-in UV Lamp sterilizer Easy access top to bottom front door

After garnering over 3 million downloads on iOS, mobile cooking app Kitchen Stories has closed a $1.8 million seed round, including backing from Point Nine..

Mobile Cooking App Kitchen Stories Raises $1.8M

Today in Germany: Kitchen Stories, Kreditech, DaWanda, Minimum Wage, Wooga

Balcombe 'fracking village' gets green light to go 100% solar | Environment | The Guardian

Solar farm wins planning permission, clearing way for Sussex village that staged major anti-fracking protests to be powered largely by clean energy

'“The hydrogen system is very important to fundamental physics, and [has] paved the way to applied models in the early staged of quantum mechanics,” said study coauthor Philip Dalladay-Simpson, a high-pressure physicist at the University of Edinburgh. Molecular hydrogen is normally a gas at room temperature, but when crushed with diamond anvils, it can convert into a totally different, previously unknown state of matter, according to a team of condensed-matter physicists.'

Using diamonds, scientists squeeze hydrogen into a strange new state

Wearing high heels puts extra pressure on the inside of woman's knee.  They need to wear different heel to regular stretching.

High heels SOS: Towering footwear causes big problems for women’s feet

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „metis decorated their dogs“

Skiing + man's best friend = skijoring

The heart of this Nordic sport may lie on a frozen lake in the heart of Minneapolis.