Trim, Tone, and Strengthen With These 80 Bodyweight Moves: Even if you've nixed your membership at the gym, there's no excuse to skip your workout.

The Ultimate List of the Best Bodyweight Exercises

3 Moves to Tone Up Triceps: Unless you'll be rocking a Batgirl costume come Halloween night or a set of bat wings, that notorious underarm jiggle does not need to be part of your costume!

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24 Multitasking Workout Moves That Work All Your Muscles at Once

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Bodyweight Workout

So long, dumbbells and confusing gym equipment. The only thing this workout routine requires is you and your bodyweight! Squat, dip and kick your way to a sculpted, fit body.

Work your abs, obliques and lower back with this core and cardio workout. Increase your aerobic fitness at home and get a toned, sculpted and slim belly.

Bodyweight At Home Core And Cardio Workout

Cardio is one of the most popular slimming exercises that you can try if you are really ashamed of added weight. The amazing thing about the cardio exercise is there is millions of choices that you can choose as per as your health condition and age.

Bulgarian split squat Exercise To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Buttocks And Thighs

Bulgarian split squat Exercise To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Buttocks And Thighs

plank variations

Side-Plank Crunch

Begin in a side elbow plank with your left elbow down and your right hand behind your head. Keeping your torso stable and your waist lifted, bring your right

Strength + Cardio Total Body Circuit Workout | In Fitness and In Health

Strength + Cardio Total Body Circuit Workout (no equipment!)

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3 Moves For Flat Abs by Halloween

Whether You're a Cute Cat or Sexy Nurse, Here Are 3 Flat-Ab Moves

Russian Twist: One effective ab move that'll help you get flat abs by Halloween.