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Prepare yourself for a little trip into the art of Ali Kiani Amin, an iranian concept and character designer.

Creative Concept Art by Rajewel

I dunno, a practice piece cause I really need to work on my people. Kinda started as one of my characters but went a bit awol with wtf glowy fire hair. My hair is on fiiiiirrreeeeee

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Sendeli Foxglove

Astrid Berges-Frisbey (study) by Elena Berezina sharandula on DeviantArt Digital Art

Merlin and Arthur by William O'Conner. One of the most evocative paintings I'd seen in a while when it showed up on the cover of Kobold Quarterly. It's especially poignant at Christmas.

One of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legend is Merlin, the great wizard, prophet and adviser to several kings. 'Merlin and Arthur' by Willian O’Connor. You don't see many paintings of this part of the story.

Artwork by Zimou Tan. "Poet", 12"x16", oil on canvas board. $2,000  SOLD!!

San Francisco Bay Area Oil Painting Portrait Artist - Zimou Tan -- "Poet" oil on canvas board