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Do You Know Your Doubles? Free double fact foldable!

We know math fact fluency is important, but how do we get our students to actually compute their math facts quickly?

Doubles Facts and Doubles Plus One

A simple practice page for both doubles facts and doubles plus one problems. I've added a second version which has the doubles plus 1 sum.

Mental math skills are integral to our daily lives and as such we should be teaching them to our students. Knowing their doubles facts is...

Fun Activities for Teaching the Doubles Strategy

Check out these fun activities for teaching the Doubles Strategy! This is perfect for first, and second grade. Doubles BINGO, I have who has, My Doubles Booklet as well as some eye catching posters to help students master their doubles math facts.

Freebie - Double Down game to practice adding near doubles or doubles plus 1

Techie Turtle Teacher: freebie - double down dice game for near doubles addition strategy

Doubles Facts- Fun way to reinforce fact fluency. Includes 7 pages!

One thing my students struggle with every year is fact fluency.there just are not enough hours in the day! Now with the common core stand.

2nd Grade Snickerdoodles: Doubles Facts Freebie

We are kicking off our study of addition fact strategies this week! I am using this little poem/chant to help my RtI students remember their.

Mental Math Freebie--2nd grade math

Operation and Algebraic Thinking: This would work with addition or subtraction mental math and what more and less means. This would be beneficial for students in grades 2 through

How to make cut and pastes into reusable centers! So many great math ideas and activities!

How to turn cut and paste activities into super fun hands on centers you can use over and over - read this! (Fact Fluency in First Grade)

Math Tip Monday - Back to School - Anchor Charts Doubles Facts

Math Tip Monday - Back to School - Anchor Charts

Math Tip Monday - Back to School - Anchor Charts Doubles Facts ~ We made this chart yesterday.