48" Raksha Hammered Copper Oval Japanese Style Soaking Air Bath Tub

Santas Tools and Toys Workshop: Tools & Hardware: 48 Raksha Copper Oval Japanese Style Soaking Air Bathtub Gauge / Hammered Exterior & Interior)

Concrete Bath Tubs | Ofuro Soaking Tub from Sonoma Cast Stone

Japanese-Style Soaking Tub - The feel of cast stone on your skin is something that can't be adequately described, but there's a reason we offer optional, embedded heating coils in these tubs.

Copper Japanese Soaking Tub

25+ Comfortable Japanese Soaking Tub Ideas for Relaxation After Got Hard Work

Copper Japanese Soaking Tub

Puntoacqua's Natural ... finished in Canadian cedar, the aptly named Natural bath boasts an organic round shape that can be made to your size specifications. This deep tub invites you to sit and soak away your cares, and you get to do it in style! With wood being such a hot finish and accessory option for the bathroom, this tub makes a great addition to any spa at home.

A cross between a traditional Japanese soaker tub with hints of a Swedish spa. by Italian company Puntoacqua

47" Caruso Round Japanese Soaking Tub- Favorite memory of DisneyWorld was when we stayed in the (now defunct) Tree House Villas, which had one of these tubs.

47" Caruso Acrylic Japanese Soaking Tub

Caruso Round Japanese Soaking Air Bath Tub actually comes with a waterproof remote that floats

Earthcrete - heated Japanese tub.

Earthcrete - heated Japanese tub.

Modern Shaker Style - Modern Twists injected onto Pure Shaker Style. Still, it must have that look of Integrity along with the Sparse, Functional, Clean Lined look to it

Created by designer Matteo Thun, the unusual soaking tub is made entirely of larch wood which is thoroughly dried, then cut, shaped and assembled. The Japanese Ofuro soaking bath tub from Italian company Rapsel was inspired from traditional Japanese tubs.

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51 Remarkable Pics and Memes You Can't Take Your Eyes Off - Wow Gallery

Bañeras de madera, piezas de lujo - http://www.decoora.com/baneras-de-madera-piezas-de-lujo.html

Bañeras de madera, un lujo para tu baño

The wooden bathtubs although increasingly popular, are a rarity and as such an exclusive piece.