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2014 Dünya Kupası ★

20 minutes until the game! Here are 38 Awesome Nail Art Designs Inspired By The World Cup!

80's Inspired Confetti Party Nails

Glitter on black polish is a cool autumn look. I layer glitter polish over different colors for different effects. Glitter over pastels is very pretty. Glitter over brights is very glam.

Cool!!  put oil around cuticle, then just SPLOTCH colors on for Paint ball nails!

nail art offers lots of design inspiration for surface design and pattern design. Pattern design and surface design meets nail art. Nail art has lots of design

Movie-inspired nail art.

Awesome Movie-Inspired Nail Art

V for Vendetta nails! V for Vendetta nails! V for Vendetta nails!

Elvish nail polish???.....HELL YES!! and please...

One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. The Lord of the Rings nails.

these. are. awesome.

you could do black for the pink nail with a cream colored bow! or completely take out the pearls and bow and just do the cream color!


"cut here" nails. but i would only put the scissors on one nail and leave the rest as dotted lines.