GoddoG | Avignon, France

GoddoG New Street Piece In Avignon, France | StreetArtNews

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Although the organizers didn’t want graffiti (seeing it as an open invitation for anybody with a spray can), the artist bombarded a wall with Miami-centric tags and then whited everything out except for the BELIEVE, elevating the everyday.

Women & Street Art In The Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan) An Article By Shahad Bishara. 1 Very worthwhile reading.

Italian street artist 108


The work of the street artist known as 108 is much like his pseudonym: simple and mysterious. Often large black masses of abstract street art inhabit walls.

S--KM-CH-N- | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

S--KM-CH-N- | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Seth New Mural In Paris, France (Part II) Specializing in painting characters on walls, Julien Malland aka Seth delivers yet another colourful signature piece. The French painter is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the documentary series "Globe Painter". If you are in the neighbourhood, this one can be found on Rue Emile Deslandres 75013, Paris.

Seth New Mural In Paris, France (Part II

street art / mural (Paris, France) - by Seth (Julien Malland)

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[ via http://www.twibble.io ] MWM Graphics | Matt https://twib.in/l/aRMXEMn94yA #urbanart #streetart #design

1 | GIFs On The Street: Behold INSA'S Trippy GIF-ITTI | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

GIFs On The Street: Behold INSA’S Trippy GIF-ITTI

Insa is a British street artist that is best known for his changing street art. The GIFitti is a series of repainted walls and converted into the picture file GIF. In the digital world the GIFitti is moving and changing its appearance.