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Restoring Temple Hair ("Temple Points" or "Temple Triangles") with Hair Transplant Surgery?

Restoring Temple Hair ("Temple Points" or "Temple Triangles") with Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Do you think you have too little hair on your head to comb? Are you looking for an epic comb over or some short comb over hair? Check out some comb over styles, comb over hairstyle or a comb over haircut which you may prefer choosing.

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Rinse Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Juice- yet another vegetable that helps your hair grow The onion as an anti-bald, anti-hairloss treatment -~-~~-~~.

Presenting February's "Hair Transplant Patients of the Week"

Presenting this month's Hair Transplant Patients of the Week

Visit Us @ http://www.drrobertjones.com

Visit Us @ http://www.drrobertjones.com

What Options are Available for Hair Transplant Scar Revision?

What options are available for individuals seeking hair transplant scar revision?

Image result for face lift stitches

Image result for face lift stitches

How TO STOP LOSING YOUR HAIR AND REGROW IT  + Number 1 blog post + How to Stop hair loss quick + How I did it over last 20 yrs + What doesnt work + Get started on this NOW + Amazingly detailed

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What is the Choi Implanter Pen for Hair Transplant Surgery?

What is the Choi Implanter Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device? Who is a candidate for the device?



Big Hair

1961 flicks movement hairstyle Short blonde hair was blow-dried straight with height and movement through the front and crown and one side was flicked out while the other was fanned out and supported by a hair jewel by robindu

Why Create an Irregular Hairline During Hair Transplant Surgery?

Why do hair restoration physicians create an irregular, "zig zag" shaped hairline during hair transplant surgery?

Hair Transplant Scar Revision: Best Suturing Techniques Techniques? Subcuticular vs. Fascial Closures

Safely Removing Surgical Staples at Home after a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT)