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Sides by idolnya on DeviantArt


Sides by idolnya on deviantart

Sonic: * Throws Rock at silver* Shadow: *walks away* Silver: *is hit by the rock and falls to the ground* OW! Sonic: *Run with a "i dont give a fuck" face while sipping his soda* Silver: *Chases Sonic*

This made me laugh SO hard!!!HAHAHAHA The bad dream.

ShaDADow by E-vay on DeviantArt - Pinning for the daycare panel and Pawpaw rides XD

+ How to ship Sonic and Shadow + by ClassicMariposAzul on DeviantArt

+ How to ship Sonic and Shadow + by ClassicMariposAzul on DeviantArt<<I'm not even a Sonadow fan but this was really funny.

Shadamy Comic (Page 1) by ProBOOM.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Shadamy Comic (Page

Shadamy_comic by AimyNeko on DeviantArt

Shadamy_comic by AimyNeko on deviantART

Shadow the Hedgehog in a Chao Garden... Aww, this is SO cute!

Shadow the Hedgehog in a Chao Garden. Aww, this is so cute, yet Shadow hates Chaos.

ふもも., シャドウ絵色々

ふもも., シャドウ絵色々

Shadow the hedgehog

Shadow the hedgehog

Shadamy - The Story Of the Ring pg. 4 by Siinnack

I had planned these pages ahead of time. This comic is based on the Steven Universe episode: A Story for Steven~ I don't exactly have the time to linear. Shadamy - The Story Of the Ring pg.

Shadamy My Girl by Vika7182 on DeviantArt

Shadamy My Girl by on DeviantArt

135 by ahaaha123.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. too cute to not pin!!

Classic sonic, what have you done?

THE END!Thank you for reading! Please do not ask for more cause there ain't gonna be one, I'm done with this I'll be looking forward to another Shadamy story.I'll be redrawing the first few pages I...

Oh jeez, it's almost like Raven (TeenTitans) and her multiple personalities, but it's Sonic!

Amy's Rose by AimyNeko even though i dont ship this couple 0_0 THIS IS ADORABLR

Shadamy by AimyNeko

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