Aaron Smith, “Pukka” (detail) A new painting to be included in Aaron Smith's upcoming NYC exhibition "Past the Pillars of Hercul...

Aaron Smith, “Pukka” (detail) A new painting to be included in Aaron Smith's upcoming NYC exhibition "Past the Pillars of Hercul.

Aaron Smith : "Nobby."

Aaron Smith’s Victorian Beard Paintings « Beautiful/Decay Artist Design

Aaron Smith painting on wood I wish I could afford this, soon soon

Aaron Smith, “Snoozy”, oil on panel, x This is still my favorite. I love how he incorporated the material he was painting on.

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is an artist based out of Silver Lake, California who creates expressionist portraits that depict the Western masculine ideal. Smith uses thick applications of colorful paint in his pieces creating a wonderful layers in his portraits.

Aaron Smith, “Deadweight on Velveteen” 2012, oil on panel, 18” X 14”

mucksnipe: “ Aaron Smith, “Deadweight on Velveteen” oil on panel, X ” I wish I could have my own self portrait be done in the technique.

Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Smith's bearded portraiture combines rough brushstrokes and bright colors in this spectacular series. By using photographs of Victorian gentlemen, Smith re-imagines the men in vibrant colors with the thick impasto showing a modern sensibility. More after t

After being a super fan of Aaron Smith’s paintings for years now, getting the chance to spend some time with him at his studio and observe his …

Aaron Smith, “Jeezer”, 2011, oil on panel, 28” x 24”

Beautiful oil paintings from the “Bearded Blokes” series by allegorical realist Aaron Smith

Smith wants to draw parallels between tribal ritual and western male customs by painting these Victorian/Edwardian gentlemen with exotic colors and expressionistic brushwork. Description from thegroundmag.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Aaron Smith

Zhooshy (Prince Albert Victor) 2011 - Aaron Smith Oil on panel, x

bearded-2009-oil-on-paper-by-aaron-smith #Aaronsmith

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