Symmetry Symptom

Hermes is also clever when he gave a mirror shild to Perseus so that he could kill medusa on his quest throughout Greece.

Ignasi Monreal

De conciertos invernales, primeras terrazas y exposiciones sin nombre

This is how to look badass without forfeiting all your femininity. Plus, that…                                                                                                                                                     Más

An analysis on the historicity of Lagertha, one of the main characters of the TV series Vikings from History Channel.

Although filled with amazing artists DeviantArt isn’t one of my favorite websites to look for inspiration. Sure, there’s great talent to be found on the network, yet it’s hidden between piles of mediocre work. Fortunately one of those DeviantArt pearls found its way to me a while ago, the stunning illustrations of comics & illustration …

Ghostly comic influenced illustrations by Lenka Simeckova