Neon painting splashes

Yago Hortal - acrylic on canvas, 2011 The wonderful blend of colors from cool to warm. This is when color sings.

Yago Hortal via

what do you call it when it's more than a triptych?

Art | yago hortal

Official site of Yago Hortal, artist based in Barcelona


A brush stroke like ballet dance Jerome Karsenti via trendland- lovely, paint, art

Yago Hortal, KL54

Yago Hortal, KL54

El hiperpantone abstracto de Yago Hortal

El hiperpantone abstracto de Yago Hortal

The true master of abstract colour, Yago Hortal

thewonderflower:  this is some of the work of yago Hortal

That’s acrylic paint on linen. A lot of acrylic paint on linen! I think anyone who has ever used acrylic knows, and loves, that feeling when the paint on your palette dries into lumps, blobs, and waves that you can peel off in plastic-ish chunks

salveo:  KL55. acrylic on canvas. 190x160 cm. 2011

Pretty colours and patterns :-) Image: Yago Hortal.


My second favourite artist, his use of colour is insane! -Painting by yago hortal

Neon paintings by Yago Hortal... SO GOOD

Neon paintings by Yago Hortal. SO GOOD ^ I can imagine based on the texture and brush strokes that it was more "felt" than it was thought out as the artist created it.

Jack Vanzet

We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown Paintings by Jack Vanzet / Title: Arthur Eddington

Yago Hortal   Expressive Smears inspiration

Yago Hortal - Expressive Smears

Love this colorful abstract painting by Spanish artist Yago Hortal's work.

Yago Hortal | PICDIT

The true master of abstract colour, Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

DIY brush stroke art - simple to do, and will tie together any colors in the room with the art on the walls. What a great way to bring a color palette together!

DIY brush stroke art

DIY brushstroke canvas art, such simple art with endless color combinations.

Be Brave - a DIY black & white brush stroke art. (Had an old gold frame that put it in and it instantly glamed it up!)

Simple painting that one could DIY // Amanda Carol Interiors featured on Street Design School