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Rock Concert Audience Evolution, 1960's to 2012

Evolution of Rock Concert Audience. Reminds me of you since you go to concerts all the time . Funny how it changes over the years, ayyye?

Bump and Grind

Funny pictures about Evolution of dance. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of dance. Also, Evolution of dance.

HAHA, so true. It is also sad, because our phone screens are going to become so big we wont be able to hold them up!

Rock concert audience evolution (but I think that the "rock on" symbol was actually from the

no joke either!...seriously what is this world coming to??

Modern Marriage [Comic]

Countryballs 'Polandball': WWII by animatedjerk

This is an illegitimate Polandball. Polandballs are supposed to be drawn freehand. Also, Polandball itself should be upside-down.


Five people Wrote Baby by Justin Bieber , Five people wrote We can't stop by Miley Cyrus, Nine people wrote Imma be by the Black Eyed Peas but one person Freddie Mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Let that sink in

One punch man or ash?

One punch man or ash?

Imagen del día: evolución de los gestos del público rockero en los conciertos en RollingStone

Funny pictures about Rock Concert Audience Evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Rock Concert Audience Evolution. Also, Rock Concert Audience Evolution photos.

In my school the only fake kind of girls there are fake wannabe emos making the lgbt community sound like a joke and I would rather have fake Barbie girls than these ones at my school

Another pinner said: "The Simpsons House!  I remember going here.. They let people tour it before the giveaway. After the giveaway it had to be painted to look normal on the outside and all the props were removed... Lame :0/"


Funny pictures about Real Simpsons House. Oh, and cool pics about Real Simpsons House. Also, Real Simpsons House photos.